Christine Catino’s Magic

When we begin with the basic tool that gives us life, we are able to access our divine intelligence, speak our truth, and live the life we truly want to live. Want to get closer to that reality? Seek out this amazing, empowerment coach. Christine’s magic is the ability to start ‘everything’ with breathe. It was a joy to work with her on this project. It’s always been one of our absolute favorites.

Jennifer’s Magic from Edgy Zen Spa

Jennifer’s magic lies in her ability to connect with people. She is a complete life force of exuberance. Her attention to taking care of you is lovingly met with her affection of the wellness arts. Dance. Touch. Balance. These are her healing tools. Being in her circle of care is a beautiful gift.

Bryan Colter’s Magic

Bryan’s magic lies in his interpretation of evolutionary astrology (EA). Bryan has this amazing ability to be with you in the moment and with the stars at the same time. It’s a profound experience to share with this master light worker. EA can show you who you are, where you came from, and give you a road map for what you are here to become. It can show you the edges of the relations you want to call into your life. It can also show you where in this world you are most aligned to live, be and work.

Cora Poage’s Magic 

“Within each of us, there is a calling, a whisper,
inviting us to remember who we really are,
where we came from and why we are here.
An invitation to co-create Heaven on Earth
within us and around us.” Cora was one of our first ever – magical client. Her magic – divination, resonating love energy, and mad rap skills.

Corinna Barrus’ Magic

What’s the Grander Vision of your Life? For our client and dear friend, Corinna Barrus, it’s making a giant difference for millions. Corinna is a mom of two, a dancer, speaker, business coach, humanitarian, tribe maker, world traveller, and a presidential diamond with doTERRA. She is on the journey to bring health and wellness to the world. And she’s playing a BIG GAME. Over tea, hugs, deep conversations, laughs, and some tears, we’ve seen her step into her empowered goddess with so much love. It’s been beautiful to witness and be a part of. Corinna’s magic is one of pure fun and joy. She has an old soul that is powerfully courageous, deep with thought, and fully embodied.

Shaneh Wood’s Magic

“I’m an entrepreneur by calling. An accountant by trade. And a searcher with every atom of my being.” Shaneh is a powerful being on a mission to build prosperity for mystical entrepreneurs. Being in her presence is to see a soul fully interested in learning more and then putting it into practice. Her magic – clarity, focus, and intention. Practical tools put into motion to work for us as humans. It’s so powerful.

Taylor Miller’s Magic

Live it – Love it – Change It. That’s the motto of Taylor Miller. She is making a giant difference for middle age women that want to reclaim themselves, their bodies, and their power. Taylor was voted the sexiest woman on Daytime TV by Oprah. She was the quintessential soap opera star of the 80s in her role as Nina Cortandt in All My Children. And now she graces her client’s with all that they are. So blessed to be connected to people that are dedicated to serving others, that vibrate high, and have done the inner work to really make a difference. Taylor’s magic – grace and beauty.