5 Things Your Website Needs As A Spiritual Entrepreneur

You have 5 seconds on your website to capture a user’s attention. If you confuse or distract them, you loose a sale. There’s a lot of confusion how websites need to work to be able to brand a business, educate clients, and capture sales. As as a divinely driven entrepreneur, your magic is your craft. And sometimes, it’s hard to be able to say what it is you do in a few words. We’re here to help you.
We’ve built hundreds of sites over the years and these are the 5 things every website needs. Make these changes and you will be creating abundance in your business very soon.
John Wayne Littlefeather
Founder, Divine Digital

The Quick Version:

#1 – Clear Messaging
#2 – Call to Actions
#3 – Success Stories
#4 – Professional Look
#5 – Heart Story

#1 Your website needs Clear Messaging

So what is it that you really do? What need does it address? If people don’t get it, what happens? If people do get it, what happens? These basic questions and answers form your key brand message. If you can nail this down. Then, people will GET what you do.


If you are a life coach, you could say how you help align people to their values so they can live on purpose and create abundance; if you are a psychic, you could say how you use your intuition to be able to tell what is really going on in the persons life to be able to identify any core issues, and teach them how to keenly listen to their higher self giving them direction, and if you are a sex coach, you could say how you focus on breathing to allow people to experience the most amazing pleasure of their life.


Simplicity sells. The less words you have the better. No one has time to try and figure out what you are trying to say, so it is best to say it in as few words as possible what you do.


Here are some examples.
I give your life a roadmap by using the stars.
I make your body aches vanish by using sound to heal it.
I heal your body with my thoughts – the result – you feel light, loved and better than a hands on massage.
I lead a ceremony using plant medicine where you get to meet your ancestors and speak with them.


Come up with a new short description that you can start sharing with people when they ask what you do. Once you refine it, this should be one of the first things you put on your website above the fold.

#2 Your website needs Call to Actions

There are two types of Call to Actions. One is how to do business with you. That’s the most important one. It’s important to keep these in simple language. Don’t get cute and creative with your sales process.


Examples that DON’T work well.
Be Mystified.
Are you Ready for Magic?
Tell me Who You Are.
Proceed with the Journey


Instead, you actions that people already understand.
Such as:


Contact Me
Schedule a Call


The second type of Call to Action is usually an opt-in. That means, we ask your website visitor to give us their information and we agree to give them something for free.


It can be a free download, a link to a music playlist, or a link to a secret page on your website. And of course many other things. The key to these actions are to give away something for free that is very enticing, immediate, and very valuable.


Nobody wants a free 30 day program. That’s too long. Keep it short or you will loose them.


If you don’t know what to give, then do a survey and ask people. Don’t just guess. Don’t just channel. Check in with real humans – it’s very important that we remember, we are spirits in this world, and we are also humans. A simple ask will go a long way.

#3 Your website needs Success Stories


What happens once people work with you. How will their life be different? People hire others because they are looking for a guide to show them how to be a better version of themselves. You have to paint a picture of what that looks like for your clients.


If you are new to the world of business, choose 5 new clients. Give them a discounted or free service. Use their testimonial to start.
If you are seasoned in the world of business, refine your testimonials. Use the best ones.


Testimonials and Quotes are a way to share how you impacted others from the basics to the in-depth stories.


Have you seen people share stories of their clients on Facebook? How about including these stories on your website? Not everyone sees your posts, but if they visit your website, they will get a better chance to see the depth of your gift, the impact, and map that onto their own life.


If people cannot talk to your work, get a testimonial and have them talk about your character.


Trina and I go way back. I never did any business with her, but I can speak all about her as a woman that had integrity, and always showed up. I knew her in the community as a leader and she was always there for people in need. She’s got a giant heart, loves her family and was a great friend to many.. .and really, when it comes down to it, isn’t that what we all want… someone we can trust and deeply connect with… – Jillian Love, San Francisco

#4 Your website needs a Professional Look 


We see a lot of mystical entrepreneur websites out there that are .. how can we say… different. They are rather very colorful, very artsy, and very ugly. There, we said it. Not sugar coated. There are some pretty ugly websites in our space.


If you want to reach an audience with your magic, you have to be able to sell what you do and the first part of that lies in how your website looks. If it is not attractive, then people will judge that before they ever get to witness your gift. It’s a human thing. We do it too – as much as we say we are heart centered and we don’t judge books by their covers. We do.


So the goal is to make your site look polished while at the same time capturing the essence of you, your gift, and what it can do for your clients.


Some tips to get a better designed website.


– Get some professional pictures of yourself
– Be authentically you. Don’t dress in something you think people want to see.
– Create a logo that stands for something. Are angels your thing? Incorporate them.
– Choose a color palette of 3-4 colors
– Choose 2-3 fonts
– Make it uniquely you as a finishing touch
– Get feedback from your clients/ prospective clients. Ignore others opinions.

#5 Your website needs a Heart Story


Your clients want to know.. who are you .. deep down. Tell them. What has gotten you to where you are today. What inner work have you done? What was it it like to walk through hell? And on the flip… what are some of your joy points? Are you in love with someone, a place, a cause…?


Simon Sinek has this great book called. “Start with Why.” It’s profoundly magic. We recommend watching his YouTube videos, and reading his book. And then, create your heart story based on your Why. It’s this magic that has others connect to you, and we think – choose you – to work with. Refine your story, and add it to your website.




About Our Founder
John Wayne Littlefeather


John Wayne’s mission in life is to guide people to use their gifts.  He’s been on a spiritual quest his entire life. From being brought up Christian with Buddhist undertones to leading ‘Come to Jesus’ retreats for a super church, to speaking in tongues with snakes, chanting with monks, meditating with psychics, awakening his kundalini amidst gurus, channeling spirits with medicine women, moving healing energy with Taoist priests, going deep in ayahuasca ceremonies with shaman, silence in Ashrams, prayer in temple, dimensional journeys to other worlds… his spiritual awakening challenged his entire existence and brought forth daily rituals that allows him to experience source with his own spirit.